Student dissertations will be evaluated by Managerial Data Science Association

The school board has concluded that all student dissertations at graduate level will be evaluated by Managerial Data Science Association(MDSA). Professor Hoyong Choi from KAIST, president of MDSA, has come to an agreement with Global Institute of Artificial Intelligence(GIAI) that MDSA will be in cooperation with GIAI in support of AI/Data Science education and research. GIAI, the foundation of SIAI, has been in long search for an independent third party with prestigious academic records for graduate student dissertation approval process. In return, GIAI offers global network of AI/Data Science research to MDSA.

Managerial Data Science Association

MDSA is an academic association incorporated with over 30+ members of dedicated researchers in data science. The group is looking for ways to apply data science to business operations, which fits to SIAI’s founding motto. The directors of MDSA are all from highly prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe, such as Princeton University, University of Chicago, and London School of Economics.

Starting from class of 2023, the dissertation process will be divided into following four stages.

  • Stage 1: Topic search and logic building by monthly meeting with academic advisor
  • Stage 2: Monthly dissertation support class to align math models to real-life stories
  • Stage 3: MDSA evaluation and feedback
  • Stage 4: Final draft with academic advisor’s feedback and submission

The dissertation covers 30 ECTS(European Credit Transfer System), or 1/3 of required credit for graduation. Students must pass all stages of dissertataion support process.

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