MSc in Data Science Prep and Exam (Aug 2021)

Course Introduction

  • MSc in Data Science Program Prep class and exam
  • BSc in Data Science Top-Up Program Prep class and exam

*Exam results in Aug 2021 will be valid for 2 years

Class / Exam Schedule

  • Classes: 27/07/2021 ~ 10/08/2021 (Tues, Thurs 7pm-10pm, Total 5 classes)
  • Office hour: 14/08/2021 ~ 15/08/2021 (Sat, Sun 1pm-4pm, Total 2 classes)
  • Exam: 21/08/2021 1pm-4pm, Online
    • Exam results will be emailed on 23/08/2021

*The exam questions will be published upon the end of exam

Course registration

  • Schedule: 28/06/2021 ~ 20/07/2021

Course contents

  • Course subject: Identical to Math & Stat for MSc DS 
  • Problem sets: Abstracted version of real life example (Refer below example)
  • In class and exams, mathematical derivation is valued less, and intuitive reasoning is valued more
  • “Detailed mathematical derivation is not required, and no credit will be given for it”

Target students

Course Contents and Final Exam example question

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