Master of Business Administration (MBA)

AI/Data Science for Business

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MBA in AI & Big Data

Nowadays a variety of industries and companies claim their adoption in AI, but the reality is still far behind what AI optimists has promised. The program, by reasonable depth of theoretic understanding in elementary scientific tools, helps students to uncover exaggerated claims in the AI & BigData industry, to look through what the necessary skill sets are to achieve goals in AI application, and to fit unreasonable expectations down to reality. Unlike regular MBA programs elsewhere, it is a more hard skill-based, yet AI business-oriented specialization.

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MBA in AI & Finance

MBA in AI & Finance is an asset-pricing heavy program that leverages mathematical and computational statistics with sufficient background in graduate level theories in micro- and macro-economics. Unlike robo-advisory services with haphazard stock chart reading and basic computer programming, the program starts from statistical properties of asset return processes of which disallow any Machine learning based non-linear fitting model can consistently generate steady margin against the financial markets. (This program will be available from Fall 2024)