Online learning experience

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Should I attend all online lectures?

Most classes are video-taped already, unless it is compulsory to attend a live one. Except timed final examination, students are free to stream class videos at their preferred time.

How do I get feedbacks on my assignments?

Teaching assistants (TAs) assigned to each course solve problem sets, which are guidelines for every assignments. If a student find it difficult to follow the courses, first it is recommended to reach out to TAs, and together with the instructor, SIAI provides a possible solution. We also provide mentors whose performance in previous year is outstanding in that course.

Is coding essential? Should students have heavy prior knowledge?

Computer programming indeed is essential in every sub-discipline at SIAI, but students are given ample amount of study materials. For starters, Issues in Computer Programming (OPT101) , a short prep course given to all incoming students, covers a number of programming issues that are basics for later courses. In addition to that, for every problem set and term paper, a set of guideline code lines are given so as to provide right direction.

Can I have live offline support for learning?

Unfortunately, as an online business school, we do not provide any offline support for learning. However, students are free to ask for mentors for each course. Mentors are chosen by the course’s instructor by various factors such as class record, friendliness, other course performances.

Online courses

All course materials are video streamed, thus students can re-watch the video any number of times. This has proven record for complicated mathematical concepts that students often find conducive by recursive explanation on every concept.

Weekly problem sets

In every week, students are recommended to attend a live TA session that solves previous week’s assignments, even though the online live sessions are also available by internal video streaming services anytime they want. This is to help students keep up with course progress and share one’s understanding with other students. 


Together with weekly assignments, SIAI provides an internal submission system for timed examination. For hand-written exam papers, students are recommended to photo-scan via smartphones and submit by image files. Exam questions are designed to preclude any fraudulent behavior that hinders fair evaluation.