SIAI is an online business school dedicated for the careers of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Analytics fields. We offer graduate programs specialized in AI, Data Science and other fields for MBA, DBA as well as MSc for scientific studies.

We teach state-of-the-art theory, immerse students in in-depth experiences in data scientific applications, and connect them to real world business. Participants in our programs learn much more than textbook level AI and Data Science; they acquire how to read abstract theory with intuitive understanding that can profoundly change their lives, careers, and the success of their organization.

Pabii Data Science Institute (PDSI) is our companion research institution and AI startup for MarTech. PDSI provides us a variety of education materials and supports, such as BigData server for flow data analysis, case studies in MarTech / AdTech businesses, as well as teaching materials and IT supports. 

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MSc in Data Science Prep and Exam (Aug 2021)

Course Introduction MSc in Data Science Program Prep class and exam BSc in Data Science Top-Up Program Prep class and exam *Exam results in Aug 2021 will be valid for...
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MSc in Artificial Intelligence Prep Exam

MSc in Artificial Intelligence (MSc AI) Prep Exam questions in Year 2021. (Supported by Pabii Data Science Institute, PDSI)
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Admission Schedule (Year 2021)

Admission Schedule (Year 2021) Prep Courses and Exams 13/04/2021 – 18/05/2021 – MSc in Artificial Intelligence (MSc AI) Prep Classes 29/05/2021 – MSc AI Prep Final Exam 27/07/2021 – 10/08/2021...
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