MBA in AI & Big Data

For the top 1% business man in AI BigData

Nowadays a variety of industries and companies claim their adoption in AI, but the reality is still far behind what AI optimists have promised. The program, by reasonable depth of theoretic understanding in elementary scientific tools, helps students to uncover exaggerated claims in the AI/BigData industry, to look through what the necessary skill sets are to achieve goals in AI application, and to fit expectations to reality. Unlike regular MBA programs elsewhere, it is a more hard skill-based, yet AI business-oriented specialization. 

Beaware that SIAI’s AI MBA does not provide ordinary MBA’s biz courses. Except two math/stat pre-requisites (STA502, STA503), other courses are shared with MSc AI/Data Science’s 40% of compulsory coursework. Course contents are identical, but MBA students are given different sets of grading/evaluation. If wanted, MBA students choose Technical track to be under MSc’s grading policy.

During STA502, STA503, many students give up tech track. Successful students, after the 1st year, are allowed to switch to MSc AI/Data Science (2-Year).

Lecture Note

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How classes work
  • Structure of Courses
    • Class hours: 3 hour class in each week for 8 weeks
    • TA hours: 1 hour TA session per week from week 2 to 8
    • Examination: Take-home examination or term paper
  • Structure of Program
    • Coursework: 12 courses (5 ECTS* per course)
    • Dissertation: 1 dissertation (30 ECTS* per dissertation)
  • Teaching medium
    • Mostly video recorded with some live support
    • Discussion channel support

*ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

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  • Undergraduate diploma

Class module : Online only
Credit : 90 ECTS (Level / EQF 7)

Required documents 

  • 60% or above in admission examination
  • Bachelor diploma and transcript (mandatory)
  • Graduate school diploma and transcript (if applicable)
  • Proof of one of English requirements (mandatory)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
    – Any work experience that gives you motivation for career in AI

*All submitted documents will be held for 5 years


Academic schedule

  • 4 semesters w/ 3 courses each
  • 8 weeks for each course
  • 2 weeks break in December and June

Prep classes (Not mandatory for business track)

  • LaTeX for assignments and paper writing
  • Programming prep for Python

Requirement for graduation

  • Coursework: 60 ECTS (12 courses)
  • Dissertation: 30 ECTS
    • Technical track : 10,000 words or above and technical interpretation of the topic
    • Business track : technical requirement should be translated to more in-words argument
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Tuition structure

  • Application fee: CHF 200.- (Non-refundable)
  • Administration fee: CHF 1,000.- (Non-refundable)
  • Per Semester: CHF 6,000
    – 3 courses per semester
    – 1 course for 5 ECTS*
  • Dissertation support: CHF 3,000

Graduation requirements

  • Coursework – 60 ECTS* 
  • MBA Dissertation – 30 ECTS*

*ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

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Admission examinations are administered by SIAI Extension School

  • Application fee : CHF 200.- (Non-refundable)
    – Technical track: Basic linear algebra, differential equations, introduction to statistics
    – Business track: High school math/stat
  • Examination schedule
    – Available on SIAI Extension School
    – Technical track: CHF 50 per exam
    – Business track: Free
  • Change of program
    – Tech → Biz: No penalty
    – Biz → Tech: Re-evaluation required
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For non-native English speakers, should meet one of the following criteria
  • High school or University level diploma from an all-English program
  • TOEFL 100 or above (with every section at least 20/30)
  • Pass grade from SIAI Extension School’s English course
    Tuition fee : CHF 1,000

SIAI Experience Stories 

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