[STA503] Math & Stat for MBA II

Course IDSTA503
ProgramBusiness Adminstration

In conjunction with STA502: Math & Stat for MBA I, the earlier foundation course for introduction in academic use of mathematics and statistics in data science, this course further covers necessary technical knowledge needed to understand materials in MBA in AI/BigData programme.

A successful candidate will be able to create a logical flow of data analysis in any data scientific problems, be it require more technical knowledge beyond this course.

Topics covered in this course are:

  • In what context more data helps in data science?
  • Extracting and leveraging maximum information from data
  • Feasibility of estimation strategies
  • Simulation for testing and forecasting
  • Introduction to Time series analysis
  • Introduction to Bayesian statistics in conjunction with simulation

As is the case for STA502, the key concepts and techniques of this course will be used over and over in many of the later courses in the program. Students are required to have in-depth understanding of topics covered in both courses.