[STA502] Math & Stat for MBA I

Course IDSTA502
ProgramBusiness Adminstration

The purpose of this course is to introduce mathematical and statistical techniques that are necessary to keep up with the entire MBA program. Students are expected to have either some level of elementary probability and calculus, or, at least, high school level mathematical and statistical understanding.

Although the course is not for technically oriented students, it does cover all necessary issues to understand what AI really is and what the right approach for BigData analysis can be. Topics covered are

  • What is Non-linear regression?
  • Optimization in mathematics
  • Information and vector space
  • Regressions and hypothesis testing
  • Endogeneity and instrumental variables
  • Dummy variables and seasonal effect
  • Some introduction of Bayesian statistics

Note that the key concepts and techniques of this course will be used over and over in many of the later courses in the program. Students are required to have in-depth understanding of this course’s key concepts, not necessarily in mathematical sense, but at least in logical sense.