[BUS502] AI Business Cases

Course IDBUS502
ProgramBusiness Adminstration, Data Science
LevelBachelor, Master

AI Business cases is a combination of introduction, review, and analysis of AI’s up-to-dated applications in business world.

The scientific topics that are covered in earlier program, such as machine learning, statistical analysis for decision making, and math & stat for MBA will be the key tools to analyze business applications of AI in real world businesses.

There are a great number of AI applications that are not really AI or fake AI. Some of which will be discussed, so as to help students verify real AI against fake AI projects in business. Suggested topics are below

  • Why Robo-advisor will not work and what are the potentials?
  • How Natural Language Process (NLP) projects work and why it is limited?
  • Why software engineering is different from scientific programming?
  • What is correct definition of BigData and what is not?